I’ve Got Style – EP Release Date: 12/23/15

Time to get excited.  Just in time for your very last minute Christmas shopping, or extremely belated Hanukkah shopping (I won’t judge) my first EP, “I’ve Got Style” will be released on December 23, 2015.  You can fully listen to all of the songs on YouTube already.  Check it out below!  Stay tuned for an album release party and future shows!

Travel can be an amazing experience, full of new people, new sensory envelopments, and new perspectives.   In turn, when travel becomes an almost daily part of your life it starts to become straining.  Your life is essentially on hold while you’re away from the place you call home.  Your relationships: breakups, new loves, friendships, flirtations, all take on new facets as you are forced to wait to engage face-to-face and in some cases, miss things all together.  The songs of the I’ve Got Style – EP are all about the situations and emotions that result from a lifestyle of travel and trying to manage the human connections that keep us coming back home.    

Words and Music: Aaron Berdofe
Produced and Mixed by: August Ogren
Cello: Michael Johnson
Drums: August Ogren
Guitar: Leng Moua
Sax: Sam Johnson
Violin: Derek Rohlf
Guitar and Vocals: Aaron Berdofe

Mastered by: Rare Form Mastering



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