Strat Rebuild Complete.

A couple of weeks ago I got it into my head that I needed to rebuild an old Squire Stratocaster I acquired for free and turn it into something playable.  Apparently this meant getting a crash course in guitar electronics, soldering and making strong attempts to not get high from lacquer.  However, I am happy and proud to say that all of this went successfully and I now have a sexy new axe that rose from the green ashes of the old worthless Squier.  Technically, it was a lot of green dust and apparently you should never remove any paint by sanding indoors, but that’s just one of those common sense things that I sometimes ignore.

For the geeks who want to know…

  • The neck: Rosewood V shape (vintage Fender shape) by Mighty Mite
  • The pickups: Fender Vintage Noiseless w/ 5-way switch
  • I left the tremolo system in from the Squier, but I’ll be replacing that eventually to give it a bit more sustain.

P.S. I also finished up a nice recording of Dancing with Robots that some of you heard at the album release party using this guitar.  Hopefully I can release it soon!

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